Vertical writing in hindi is necessary as it defines the half forms importance used in the writing … M, n,u,w,h,k,v,K… are written above and show how they can be written vertically in english … b,p,g,q,d, … some of similar forms with same components .. that is o   T,f,r,E,F ….


       यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत Did you know: This verse was described by Lord Sri Krishna in Mahabharata when Arjuna had refused to fight in Kurukshetra. यह श्लोक हिन्दू ग्रंथ गीता का प्रमुख श्लोकों में से एक है। यह श्लोक गीता के अध्याय 4 का श्लोक 7 और 8 है। यह श्लोक …



  HOW TO REMEMBER THE SEQUENCE OF WORDS IN A STORY FORMAT —-   as we remember sa , re , ga , ma , pa , dha , ni , sa SIMILARLY ———————-   बच दफ गहज कल मन परस त वय  — BC DF GHJ KL MN PRST VY भछ धफ घहझ खल …


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Thousands of friends are far too few, one enemy is too many. * هزاران دوست کم‌اند و یک دشمن زیاد Hezārān dust kam-and, o [va] yek doshman ziād. * The wise enemy is better than the ignorant friend. * دشمن دانا بهتر از دوست نادان است Doshman-e dānā behtar az dust-e nādān ast. * The …

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My friend, Mac, once said to me that his brain was like a computer.  All the information that he ever heard, learned or acquired was stored in his brain; much like the information stored on a hard drive. All that accumulated knowledge was there, and all he had to do was to pull it up, …

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Going to the Source Computers and brains both need energy. Plug your computer into the wall, push a button, and it will get the power it needs to run. Pull the plug and it will shut down. Your brain operates in a different way. It gets its energy in the form of glucose from the …

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