Characteristica universalis

Symbol / ideogram Symbol Name / phonetic component Meaning / definition
= equals sign equality
not equal sign inequality
approximately equal approximation
> strict inequality greater than
< strict inequality less than
inequality greater than or equal to
inequality less than or equal to
( ) parentheses calculate expression inside first
[ ] brackets calculate expression inside first
+ plus sign addition
minus sign subtraction
± plus – minus both plus and minus operations
± minus – plus both minus and plus operations
* asterisk multiplication
× times sign multiplication
multiplication dot multiplication
÷ division sign / obelus division
/ division slash division
horizontal line division / fraction
mod modulo remainder calculation
. period decimal point, decimal separator
ab power exponent
a^b caret exponent
a square root

a ⋅ a  = a

3a cube root 3a ⋅ 3√a  ⋅ 3√a  = a
4a fourth root 4a ⋅ 4√a  ⋅ 4√a  ⋅ 4√a  = a
na n-th root (radical)
% percent 1% = 1/100
per-mille 1‰ = 1/1000 = 0.1%
ppm per-million 1ppm = 1/1000000
ppb per-billion 1ppb = 1/1000000000
ppt per-trillion 1ppt =

The language of ideograms is in mathematics also , we can say that the mathematics is a pure ideographic language where it relies only on the principles of derivation of equations and assumptions or guessing , guess on it keeps on going until we come to a final conclusion …


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