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Characteristica universalis

Symbol / ideogram Symbol Name / phonetic component Meaning / definition
= equals sign equality
not equal sign inequality
approximately equal approximation
> strict inequality greater than
< strict inequality less than
inequality greater than or equal to
inequality less than or equal to
( ) parentheses calculate expression inside first
[ ] brackets calculate expression inside first
+ plus sign addition
minus sign subtraction
± plus – minus both plus and minus operations
± minus – plus both minus and plus operations
* asterisk multiplication
× times sign multiplication
multiplication dot multiplication
÷ division sign / obelus division
/ division slash division
horizontal line division / fraction
mod modulo remainder calculation
. period decimal point, decimal separator
ab power exponent
a^b caret exponent
a square root

a ⋅ a  = a

3a cube root 3a ⋅ 3√a  ⋅ 3√a  = a
4a fourth root 4a ⋅ 4√a  ⋅ 4√a  ⋅ 4√a  = a
na n-th root (radical)
% percent 1% = 1/100
per-mille 1‰ = 1/1000 = 0.1%
ppm per-million 1ppm = 1/1000000
ppb per-billion 1ppb = 1/1000000000
ppt per-trillion 1ppt =

The language of ideograms is in mathematics also , we can say that the mathematics is a pure ideographic language where it relies only on the principles of derivation of equations and assumptions or guessing , guess on it keeps on going until we come to a final conclusion …


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Hello I am doctor anupam nirvikar and I love to create drawings and cartoons and recently I have started my own project of developing a new language called Mantrakshar and I have developed the basic idea of the language but this language is still in its early form but you can check out this language as it is similar to Chinese ideograms and Bliss symbols. I have collected around 5000 to 7000 ideograms which can be formed from its fundamental ideograms. Hope ! you enjoy learning my new language.

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