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Mother languages of the world .. classical languages

1. Greek ( it is an indoeuropean language ) which is derived from phoneician alphabet and ultimately from egyptian

2 latin (it is an italic language and an indo-european languages )

3.sanskrit ( it is an indo-european ) language and an indo-aryan language

4.chinese (derived from oracle bone script )

5.arabic (it is a classic language )

6.tamil ( dravidian language )

7.hebrew ( classical language and the language of bible )

8. Germanic languages

These are the fundamental languages and they have been used in creating hybrid languages for use in medical and biological terminologies or nomenclature …

As the europe has its own terminology system but most of its words are in greek and latin …

Chinese is a logographic language and tibetan script is used to study the language …

Sanskrit is also similar to tibetan but it does not have logograms but can be derived from chinese characters similarly as the terms are derived from greek and latin …

Arabic and persian gave rise to hindi and urdu …










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Hello I am doctor anupam nirvikar and I love to create drawings and cartoons and recently I have started my own project of developing a new language called Mantrakshar and I have developed the basic idea of the language but this language is still in its early form but you can check out this language as it is similar to Chinese ideograms and Bliss symbols. I have collected around 5000 to 7000 ideograms which can be formed from its fundamental ideograms. Hope ! you enjoy learning my new language.

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