Buddhist …. buddhists are the followers of buddhism

Brahmin … brahmins are the followers of hinduism …

There are similarities in languages also buddhist follow the tibetan script while brahmin follow the devanagri script ..

1.buddhist language is tibetan

2.brahmin language is devanagri that is sanskrit

3.kshatriya are actually scythians /shakya /saka  .. but this is a debate

4.aryans are iranians or muslims or turkic people

5.arians/irish are the ireland people

6.rishikas …. central asia tribes

Abraham ….. can actually be similar to a brahmin ( brahmin is hindu version and abraham is islam version )

Mary and maryam … (bible and islam )

Hindu and greek mythology have abundance of similarities like the (dipping of achilles in a river of wax  = is similar to = the karna was dipped in a river and was born with an immortal armour ) … this is the story of troy ..

Mythology of greek like greek gods and hindu gods are almost similar …

Baghdad … god given … bhoga is an proto indo – european word which is also seen in russian (bhog = god ) in hindi also devanagri = gods land ..

(Buddhas land … is bihar or nepal and sitas land is mithila )


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