Accents in different languages and similarity …….

1.greek …. many words in greek are spelled differently … like

B is spelt V ….

Blog is spelled as vlog …

Bacteris is spelled as vakitiria

Bacillus is spelld vacillus

2. In hindi particularly in bihar and other northern languages ….

Bihar is actually spelled vihar ..

Blog is spelled as vlog … korean also to slight extent

4. In russian the alphabets B and b are actually similar to ब and व similar to hindi alphabets …..

5. In chinese ,japanese and korean …

K … g are same

T … and d … are same

P ….. and b . Are same ..


I am a doctor and i love blogging,reading and writing stories in my free time.As a doctor my job is to provide health information and help but my primary thinking is treating the patient without any medication but with yoga and excercise and my interest is surgery because i believe if all the drugs fail the surgeon will not.

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