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My friend, Mac, once said to me that his brain was like a computer.  All the information that he ever heard, learned or acquired was stored in his brain; much like the information stored on a hard drive.

All that accumulated knowledge was there, and all he had to do was to pull it up, as needed.

My earliest computer had a hard drive which stored less than a gig.  As I needed more memory, I added it; or upgraded my computer.

The human brain must have an immeasurable amount of HD capacity.    As I grew up and older, I had to retain so much more knowledge and information, and I didn’t need to upgrade .  Well, maybe I might reconsider on that one.

Computers are sometimes prone to slowness, and sometimes simply not work at all, as in when there is a HD crash.

It’s really a great analogy; as when my computer is slow, I can’t conjure up the data as quickly as I should able to.  There is no apparent reason for this, nor is there any apparent reason for my computer to compute slower than normal sometimes.

I’ve had that occasional brain crash when nothing seems to be processable or decipherable; just like my computer.  Memory!

Turn it off, start it up again, and all is well.

I really do need to consider an upgrade.

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Hello I am doctor anupam nirvikar and I love to create drawings and cartoons and recently I have started my own project of developing a new language called Mantrakshar and I have developed the basic idea of the language but this language is still in its early form but you can check out this language as it is similar to Chinese ideograms and Bliss symbols. I have collected around 5000 to 7000 ideograms which can be formed from its fundamental ideograms. Hope ! you enjoy learning my new language.

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